Thursday, April 26, 2007

Five Left....

....and I'm not really feeling any of them! I know I haven't posted on ANTM8 for the last few episodes, but I think it's because the way things are headed, I have a sinking feeling that I'm not going to like whoever gets chosen.

My personal picks to be in the top two are Dionne and Brittany. But I don't think it's gonna happen. Dionne isn't really the greatest model, but I love her personality and that should count for something. She seems real, doesn't really trash talk anyone else, doesn't hype herself and especially not at the expense of her competitors. She's low-key and hasn't been involved in any of the drama. Pretty much the same could be said of Brittany. I really felt for her when she revealed that she had a head injury that affected her short-term memory. And she looks so much better since they cut that awful weave out of her hair. It was looking like a dead animal had crawled up there and died!

I have a suspicion that Renee and Natasha are going to be in the top two and Renee is going to take it. If all that mattered was looks, I wouldn't be so bothered by the possibility that Renee might win, but I hate her personality. She's been bitchy and mean spirited and she has an over-inflated opinion of herself. I'd hate to see someone like that win.

Natasha. What can I say? I haven't a clue what the judges see in her! She's short, I can barely understand her and she has that annoying habit of wrinkling her nose and pursing her lips. It's her sexy look. Unfortunately, it's her only look.

Jaslene's stock is way down lately. Her look wasn't good during the Covergirl shoot in the Australian bush - she looked like she was squinting to see the cue cards. At a minimum, I would've put her in the bottom two and for me, it would have been a toss-up as to who'd go home - her or Jael. And that voice!! She sounds like she's talking through a wad of spit in her mouth.

Well, having the lame re-cap episode last night gave me a chance to catch up. See ya next week!