Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boy, Oh Boy!!

Did Natasha actually think looking like a street ho was a good look and that she made it work??! Then I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that she was sitting there having phone-sex with her husband on national TV.

Renee is still up to her tricks. How insulting was it that she told Whitney that she didn’t think she could be a top model because she’s plus size? And it was no less rude even if she qualified it first by saying how unfair she thought it was. Apparently Jael will have some choice words for her next episode.

I almost died when Sarah won the challenge by accepting credit for putting together the outfit that won. So where was the reward for the team effort? And why did Whitney plop herself down on the floor?

I’m so glad Dionne stepped it up, especially at judging. Her hair looked good combed back. So again, why doesn’t anyone have anything to say about Natasha’s so-not-a-model look in judging? That hair was back up in a ponytail. But I guess if she left it out, she’d look too much like Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Special Segment of the Week -- Separated at Birth

And much as I hate Natasha, she was hilarious doing her hip-hop impersonation! Other than that, I wouldn't go out with any of them thinking they were men!

Unfortunately, I'm going to be away next week and I'll miss the next episode. Who's going to do color commentary for me???

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Go Whitney!!!

I so didn't want Renee to win, so you know I was happy when she didn't even finish!!! I think Whitney did a fantastic job with the lasers. In fact, she was the only one I really saw do some actual posing worthy of being called modeling. Jaslene and Natasha poked out their lips and Dionne didn't pose at all. At this point, even if Whitney doesn't win, she got major loot she can sell and finish college. By the way, shiney silver spandex was not a good look on any of them. And shiney gold spandex with red draws.... I don't need to go any further!

I have to confess, I missed the first 5 or 7 minutes (it was the first day of spring and I was getting my free water ice!) so I don't know what all Renee was getting herself into, but by the time she got on the phone and was blubbering to her husband to come get her, I was like, how fast can you get there? She needs a serious attitude adjustment. And I can't even think about what she'd be teaching her kid at home. She's no more mature than a three year old.

I thought that everyone did well in the photo shoot last night, although some were much better than others. I actually didn't think Jael's was going to come out as well as it did. Having said that, I'm in total disagreement that Felicia and Dionne were in the bottom two, and that Felicia got sent home. All things considered, if Felicia was in the bottom two, it should have been with Diana, and Diana should have been sent home. She doesn't look any more "alive" than Felicia. And Diana's pics haven't been better than Felicia's through the weeks. And if they thought anyone was relying on just being "pretty," they should have sent Natasha home.

I also didn't care for the comments that were made about Dionne's style during judging. While I agreed that her hair looked too "done," her clothes and general hairstyle were far better than Natasha's. I swear I can't stand to see that girl wear another pair of tight, shiney spandex pants. And with plastic fake-wood-look "Candies" mules from 1978! (Yeah I said it! And I wore them too, back then!) And her hair was pulled up into a mess of a pony tail. I think the judges still have yet to really see her haircut in person. Her look in judging is definitely not model material. Plus, they told her she has a big head!

Last, but not least, what in the hell did Twiggy have on??!! It looked like blue crushed velvet on top of some black tee shirt. At least Miss J dresses for judging!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I expected more drama from the makeover episode

I was quite disappointed
that nobody had a meltdown over their hair. Although Jael cried, it wasn’t really because she hated her hair, it was that she’d sat in the chair for over 8 hours enduring the tight braiding to put the weave in only to have them decide they weren’t going with that. I don’t think long would have looked good on her anyway. Ultimately, most of them looked pretty good, even Renee. But, poor Cassandra still looked like she had someone’s mop on her head and so did Brittany. Maybe it was just that in the judging, they didn’t have a clue how to style their own hair. And although Natasha’s portrait gallery photo looks nice, her’s looked like a mop too. I liked Dionne’s hair best.

Renee’s picture from the photo shoot looks like she’s got morning crust in the corner of her mouth. Natasha looked like a porn star in her photos, then she looked like a disco queen in judging. Where'd she get those shiny straight-leg spandex pants? And somebody please throw Jaslene a pork chop! She looks like she’s going to disappear.

So now Renee’s moved on to Brittany, calling her fake and saying that she was acting like child. Even if she thought Brittany was, who said she needed Renee to talk to her about it? It’s not like she had Brittany were BFFs. But flipping Brittany the bird when she didn’t like her response was so mature. And did you catch the look on Renee’s face when Brittany was called first in the judging? MEOW!! But Brittany’s photo was the best. And for once, it’s not the black girls causing all the drama – so far. However, none of them seem to be that type, they’ve all been very mellow. Unfortunately, that could spell disaster if you’re not getting noticed enough. So Cassandra was eliminated last night. I don't feel too bad, her pictures weren't that great.
Next week, it looks like it's Renee's turn to lose it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some cheese to go with that Whine?

I was reminded by Bygbaby that I've fallen behind in my duties! I had started it, but got called out of town unexpectedly. Here's the recap post.

Did I miss something? When did ANTM Cycle 8
become the Renee and Jaslene Whine Fest? There was almost no one else who had anything to say. In the first episode, I originally thought Renee wasn't too bad, but after episode 2, her true colors are showing. She seems really petty, jealous and whiney. All she could do was boo-hoo about how all the others, and especially Jaslene, got a character that was easy to portray. "I could have done weird," "It's easy to do sexy!" Didn't she think the judges would have had more respect for her if she could have taken something goofy and far from her own personality and own it? And Jaslene wasn't much better (although this was a good look for her). She's so stuck on herself, she can't see that she ain't all that. She is waaaay too skinny for my taste. And that voice! Tyra needs to suggest she get a diction coach because she needs one at least as much as Danielle did.

Now y'all know I was just waiting for Natasha to get the boot! I didn't actually think that Samantha was all that bad. Yeah, she was really green, but she had a nice look - better than Ms. Greencard. And I understand that there's somewhat of a language barrier for her - she may not understand all the nuance, but she does speak the language. How hard can it be to understand teacher's pet? She's got one look - "Oh, look how cute I am!" And is it just me, or does she look really old? This one is just painful to look at! She's got to go!!!!

So, who's going to cry about getting their hair whacked off this week?? And how many feet of weave will be be looking at??

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sizing for a Nappylocs tool

In reference to my post about lost locs, combining them and general maintenance,

Mel said...
Having seen your hair in all it's glory, I am in awe of the fact that you maintain it yourself! Amazing!I want to ask you a question about the nappylocs tool - what size do you suggest buying? I know you haven't really 'seen' my hair, but a guestimate would be greatly received:-)

Well Mel, I actually got a ruler out, found one of my thickest locs and measured it. One of the thickest ones measured about an eighth of an inch. I looped it through the Nappylocs tool and took a picture so you can see. As I said, I purchased the small sized tool and even my fattest loc fits through it comfortably. I don't think they make one smaller than that. So if your locs are about the same size as mine or smaller, the small tool should work for you. If you think you might be more comfortable with a larger size, you could get the medium.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another one of us goes home first

You guessed it - another cycle of America's Next Top Model has begun! Yay!!! But for some reason this cycle, more girls than ever immediately got on my nerves. I think it's because of their voices. There are two that sound like Nu Yawk homegirls, one with a heavy Russian accent and one who sounds like she's high. And none of them look like models yet.

But the good news is that there are more black girls in the final 13 than I've ever seen before - 6!!! And 3 are very brown-skinned and one of these three is plus size. But, wait, you say, I only see 5. Well, one is mixed - can you tell which one she is?

The bad news is, one of the black girls was the first to be cut - Kathleen. If you look closely, she's wearing what can only be described as an afro-puff. Whether it's real or not is questionable, but at least it's an attempt at something close to natural looking hair. I wonder what Tyra would have done to her hair during the makeover. The other 4 (not counting the mixed one) are obviously sporting weave. In fact, during the episode, one showed Tyra how she sewed the edges down! Another one bragged about knowing the exact color number to ask for in the hair store - 1B something or other. I can already see the new weaves coming - flowing and blowing in the wind. Can't they find a natural style that consists of more than a short fade?
My personal choice to go would have been Natasha (the one from Russia). Not because of her voice, but because she's short and thinks she's way cuter than she actually is. And she was as annoying as hell!! But, to be real, Kathleen was borderline dense!