Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SOuthern(Girl) Hospitality

I knew I was likely to be in the Orlando area during the week before Easter, so when I saw a notice in Lockitup that the Sisterlocked ladies in Central Florida were planning a gathering for March 22, I emailed SOuthernGirl and asked her if I could attend.

As it turned out, she had completely overlooked that fact that the date she suggested was the Saturday before Easter. So, unfortunately, the other ladies could't join us as they had plans. But, since I had already committed to being there, she was gracious enough to meet me anyway. Truly southern hospitality! She is such a sweet young lady and the two of us spent about three hours just talking away about everything under the sun and hair. She's got big plans and I have no doubt she's together enough to make them come true. And I met her mom, another charming woman.

When I told my mom and sister that I had dinner plans for Saturday evening (and my DH wasn't there!) they were surprised since they were unaware I had any friends in the area. I said I'm meeting them for the first time. Of course, they looked at me as if I'd grown another head. I then had to explain how I came to "know" these ladies - very strange to explain it to a non-locked person without sounding crazy. I know people form e-relationships centered on common careers, sports and recreational activities, yet that seems pretty normal. I don't know of any other types of hair groups.

Since my mom and sister live in St. Cloud, I find that I'm down there up to four times a year. My next two visits will likely be towards the end of August and Thanksgiving. I've already told her I want to meet the other ladies in the orlando area when I return.

I know this is my first post in quite some time, but I can't promise that I'll do better. I'm just not naturally inclined to put my thoughts down. But as soon as we make plans for another gathering here in Philly, you can bet I'll blog about that. Something should be coming up soon.....